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We are proud to represent the following businesses.



Mindray is a leading medical technology company known for producing innovative and high-quality medical devices and solutions. With a global presence, they specialise in manufacturing a wide range of products, including patient monitoring systems, ultrasound machines, and in-vitro diagnostics. Mindray’s mission centres on advancing healthcare through technological advancements, enabling better patient outcomes, and improving medical accessibility worldwide.


Masimo is a renowned medical technology company, hailing from the USA, with a strong presence in the UK & Ireland and worldwide. They are widely recognised for their cutting-edge innovations in non-invasive patient monitoring solutions. Masimo specialises in developing and manufacturing advanced pulse oximeters, patient monitoring sensors, and automation technologies, helping healthcare professionals deliver more accurate and efficient care. Their commitment to improving patient safety and outcomes has earned them a prominent position in the global medical device industry.


Lidco, a Masimo company, is a respected medical technology company known for its expertise in hemodynamic monitoring solutions. They focus on developing and providing advanced technologies for monitoring cardiac output and fluid management in critically ill patients. Lidco’s products, such as minimally invasive monitors and related software, aid healthcare professionals in optimizing patient fluid balance and enhancing clinical decision-making, ultimately contributing to improved patient care and outcomes. Their dedication to innovation and patient well-being has solidified their position as a trusted name in the medical device industry.


Gaumard Scientific are renowned for being a leading provider of medical simulation and training solutions. Gaumard specialises in producing high-fidelity patient simulators, virtual reality-based training tools, and advanced educational software for healthcare professionals. Their state-of-the-art products enable realistic and immersive medical training, enhancing clinical skills, and fostering confident decision-making among medical practitioners. Gaumard’s commitment to excellence in healthcare education has solidified their reputation as a trusted and reliable partner for medical training institutions and professionals alike.


Monivent is a ground breaking medical technology company originating from Sweden. They are known for their expertise in developing innovative devices for respiratory care. Monivent specialises in creating cutting-edge solutions, including advanced airflow monitors and ventilation support tools. These devices aid healthcare professionals in accurately assessing and optimizing respiratory parameters for patients, particularly in critical care settings. Monivent’s commitment to improving respiratory care and patient outcomes has garnered recognition and trust in the medical community, establishing them as a leading name in the field of respiratory technology.


Xavant Technology is a prominent medical device company originating from South Africa. They are highly regarded for their expertise in neuromuscular monitoring solutions. Xavant specialises in developing advanced devices that assess and monitor nerve response during surgical procedures, particularly in anaesthesia and pain management settings. These innovative technologies aid medical professionals in delivering precise and tailored care, enhancing patient safety and postoperative outcomes. Xavant’s commitment to advancing neuromuscular monitoring has earned them a strong reputation in the medical community, solidifying their position as a trusted name in the field of medical technology.


American Diagnostics Corporation (ADC) is a leading medical equipment company based in the USA. They are recognised for their expertise in manufacturing high-quality diagnostic instruments. ADC specialises in producing a diverse range of medical devices, including stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors, otoscopes, and ophthalmoscopes, among others. Their reliable and accurate equipment is widely used by healthcare professionals for patient assessment and diagnosis. ADC’s commitment to providing top-notch diagnostic solutions has established them as a trusted and dependable name in the global medical equipment industry.