Precision Monitoring, Lifesaving Vital Sign Insights

Patient Monitoring



Mindray’s Patient Monitoring solutions epitomize cutting-edge healthcare technology. Through continuous vital sign tracking and real-time data insights, healthcare professionals can deliver attentive care, ensuring patient safety and well-being with confidence and precision.

Masimo Patient Monitoring stands at the forefront of advanced healthcare technology. With constant vital sign monitoring and immediate data analysis, medical professionals provide vigilant care, ensuring patient safety and well-being with exceptional precision.

Monivent: Redefining Respiratory Care Excellence. With innovative solutions and precise monitoring, Irish healthcare embraces confident patient support. Monivent technology empowers professionals, ensuring optimal respiratory well-being and pioneering treatment outcomes.

IDMED Neurolight redefines neurological diagnostics with its innovative features. This state-of-the-art tool offers reliability, accessibility, and non-invasiveness, making it ideal for routine examinations. By simplifying and objectifying pupillary assessment, Neurolight saves valuable time and ensures examiner-independent results. Its accuracy remains consistent in all circumstances, providing accurate measurements even during shift changes. Designed for daily practice, Neurolight automates quantitative pupillometry, going beyond traditional pupil examinations to offer comprehensive neurological insights.

Xavant stands as a premier supplier of state-of-the-art quantitative NMT (Neuromuscular Transmission) and TOF (Train-of-Four) monitors tailored for use in general anesthesia. Additionally, the company offers cutting-edge peripheral nerve stimulators equipped with nerve mapping and locating capabilities, facilitating optimal peripheral nerve blocks during regional anesthesia procedures.