Mindray TE7 ace

A Dedicated Solution for Pioneering Care

With its superior image quality, simple touchscreen operation and class-leading intelligent tools, the Mindray TE7 ACE is designed to simplify and speed-up ultrasound examinations. Suitable for demanding point-of-care environments such as Critical Care, Emergency and Anaesthetics.

Smart Fluid Management

TE7 ACE’s advanced tools – Smart IVC, Smart VTI and Smart B-line – provide vital diagnostic information for more accurate and efficient fluid management, boosting clinical confidence and giving clinicians more time to focus on patient care.

Safe to Puncture

The eSpacial Navi™ on TE7 ACE provides enhanced needle visualisation during in-plane and out-of-plane procedures. The position of the tip and alignment of the needle are clearly identified to help you plan needle trajectory before puncturing, guiding you to the target safely and easily.

All-In-One Transducer for Needle Guided Procedure

The L12-3VNs have 3 programmable buttons which combine remote control and the eSpacial Navi™ into one tool. It ensures safe, simple, and convenient needle guidance with minimal manual intervention.