Mindray BeneLink

Connectivity Module

The BeneLink Connectivity Module consolidates essential patient data at the primary patient monitor supporting a more complete patient assessment at the bedside. BeneLink is designed for use with high acuity Mindray patient monitors in the OR and ICU environments. Connecting as many as four external medical devices, BeneLink is a cost-effective solution for integration of ventilators, anesthesia systems and other standalone devices.

The BeneLink Devices Integration Window allows the display of essential patient data from third-party devices at the Mindray bedside monitor, BeneVision Distributed Monitoring System (DMS) workstation or via BeneVision CMS Viewer. At each, parameter data from the external devices is incorporated into the graphic and tabular trends, further aiding clinical assessment and decision-making. Such consolidation enables critical patient data and alarms to be displayed, saved, recorded, printed and calculated at the bedside monitor, thereby supporting highly efficient workflow and patient management.