Masimo Radius 7

Beyond vital signs for better patient care

The Radius-7 monitor, with MASIMO’s Rainbow SET technology, is designed to continuously monitor patients with movement. The monitor will use the Masimo Patient SafetyNet remote monitoring system to alert Physicians to changes in oxygen saturation or heart rate of the patient.

The lightweight Radius-7 monitor reduces the need for nurses. The wireless functionality of the RADIUS-7 monitor provides continuously monitoring patients even if they aren’t in bed. It is assumed that a patient needs more time to recover if they are immobile and must stay in bed.

The Radius-7 can positively contribute to the recovery of the patient. Radius-7 has the ability to warn about critical changes in oxygen saturation, heart rate, respiratory rate, or hemoglobin which may indicate pulmonary, cardiac or internal bleeding. Radius-7 can be attached to the arm of the patient or can be placed next to the patient for continuous monitoring