Masimo iSirona™

Multimodal Patient Monitoring and Connectivity Solution

iSirona is a versatile, easy-to-use connectivity hub. Designed for use with the Masimo Hospital Automation™ platform, iSirona facilitates the physical integration of up to six medical devices at the patient bedside and enables the patient data collected from all devices to be automatically pushed to the patient electronic medical record (EMR).

  • A fan-less design makes iSirona an ideal solution for connecting multiple patient monitors, anaesthesia machines, pumps, and other medical device in space-restricted operating rooms and ICUs.
  • A multi-slotted mounting bracket adds flexibility, allowing iSirona to be affixed to a permanent location or mounted to mobile medical devices—providing connectivity wherever it is needed.
    iSirona is compatible with both wireless and patient-worn devices.

USB ports for up to six medical devices

Fan-less design for use in operating rooms and ICUs

Versatile mounting options

Do More with Patient Data


The Masimo Hospital Automation platform is a vendor-agnostic connectivity solution for EMR integration, surveillance monitoring, and alarm management, mobile notifications, smart displays, and analytics.

Operating Room – With brand-agnostic connectivity, Hospital Automation enables connected devices to display vital patient data collected from both Masimo and third-party devices on a supplemental screen—centralizing patient information for the entire care team.

Intensive Care Unit – Hospital Automation integrates a variety of patient parameters onto a single platform—helping centralize patient information at the bedside and reduce the amount of time spent manually entering data into the EMR.

General Ward – Hospital Automation enables remote notifications—allowing clinicians to see and respond to alarms and notifications regardless of location.

General Floor – By automating the process of documenting the EMR, Hospital Automation can help care teams reduce the risk of medical record errors and increase an organization’s operational efficiency.

IT /Biomed – Hospital Automation delivers brand-agonistic connectivity—with a growing library of more than 500+ medical device drivers—to make integration simple and streamlined. Additionally, the platform offers a range of supplemental tools, including surveillance monitoring and analytics to help organizations shrink operational costs and provide timely care.