Masimo Iris Gateway™

Interoperability Starts with Device Connectivity

Automatic data transfer from medical devices into Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) could improve productivity and reduce the likelihood of transcription errors.1 Existing approaches for device connectivity can clutter the patient room, burden IT management, and increase the complexity and cost of care. Masimo Iris™and Root® seek to simplify connectivity across the continuum of care.

Iris Gateway bridges the gap between device data generated at the patient bedside and documentation in patient data management systems such as EMRs

3rd Party Standalone Devices* can silo valuable patient data

Root patient monitoring connectivity hub for 3rd party standalone device data

Iris Gateway converts all Masimo and 3rd party standalone device data into HL7

EMR – Iris Gateway interfaces with EMRs for documentation of device data


Root integrates patient monitoring and connectivity. Iris Gateway interfaces with hospital Admit Discharge Transfer (ADT) systems to allow clinicians to associate patients to their data directly from Root.
Iris Gateway converts device-specific communication protocols into HL7 for easy documentation in EMRs.

Cost Reduction

Masimo’s unique approach to device connectivity leverages existing hardware and infrastructure to reduce the cost of connectivity.
Iris Gateway offers connectivity at a competitive per bed cost.