Neurolight® - Neurological Monitoring and Prognostication

  • Accurate objective measurements
  • Anisocoria detection
  • Photomotor reflex measurements



  • Pupillary size measurement
  • Photomotor reflex measurement
  • Trend curve
  • Suggestion for interpretation


  • Absolute measurements without calibration
  • Wireless charging station
  • Patient identification by barcode reading
  • Reusable or disposable eyecup


  • EN60601-1 (Medical Electrical Equipment)
  • IEC 62471 (Infrared light)
  • CE 2a class marking (CE 0459)
  • Latex Free


  • Real-time measurement
  • 320 Lux flash of light
  • 0,1 mm precision
  • Data transfer
  • Eyecup opaque to ambient light

From routine observations and early warning scoring, to falls assessment and pain scales, the VS 9 helps reduce manual transcription and errors, enhancing nursing efficiency and patient safety in low-acuity environments.

With 15-second BP readings and respiration rate taken via the SpO2 sensor, the VS 9 delivers rapid, comfortable vital signs, allowing caregivers to get more done in less time.

To further streamline assessments and support consistent, quality care, the vital signs workstation offers a range of customisable workflow profiles to suit your patient groups, departments or clinical tasks.

For greater visibility and faster clinical responses, the VS 9 can connect to Mindray’s Central Monitoring System whilst also integrating seamlessly to your existing Electronic Patient Records (EPR).

Created with longevity in mind, the VS 9 is robust, easy-to-clean and simple to maintain. With M-IoT Device Manager software, clinical engineers are provided with complete visibility of their fleet.