Instructions for Oximeter

(Masimo RAD-97 )



Connect power supply at the back of the monitor and switch on power at the socket. Connect the patient cable to the monitor via the port (ref 1.), and attach the patient sensor to the end of the patient cable.


Turn ‘ON’ by pressing the home/power at bottom of the screen. ​


The Machine will start up and run a self-check. Once completed the screen will appear blank at it is set to sleep mode, but the power light will be illuminated. – The sensor light that attaches to the child should glow RED. RED.


Attach the red light to the nail bed of ring finger (Ref 4a) or big Toe (Ref 4b). and wrap around the sticky plaster. In young infants, it may be necessary to place the sensor around the foot: see attachment sites!

If placed on the ring finger of the less dominant hand, run the cable up a pyjama leg, top and down the arm securing the cable – ensuring there is no loose cable that could wrap around the NECK!!

If placing the probe on the toe, secure the cable loosely, leaving only enough wire for a child to move the foot. Place the sock over the foot to prevent the probe from falling off.!

Make sure the cable runs down away from the head rather than up towards the head!

Move the monitor away from the bed if necessary to make sure there is not a lot of cable loose.

(If the child is unsettled or you think might not be cooperative, allow the child to fall asleep as usual and after 1-hour place probe on the toenail. Place the sock over the foot to reduce the likelihood hood of the probe becoming unattached – Please check before you go to bed and during the night)


Check senor is recording correctly. Touch the display screen, this will cause it to light up for 10secs allowing you to check the Pi reading is above 1– you may have to change to an alternative attachment site if the Pi is below 1. Any other problems will be displayed on the home screen. ​


Oximeter will record overnight. ​


Turn ‘OFF’ in morning by holding in the power button. Remove sensor and replace plastic backing for use the following night. ​


If other monitors are used in the child’s sleep routine, they should also be connected as normal. The ADUIABLE Alarms have been set to OFF, and the machine will be in silent mode to allow for sleep


Please complete the sleep log provided and if child is awake for a prolonged period disconnect sensor but leave machine on, then once child falls asleep reattach the sensor to the machine. ​


It is very important that the machine is returned on the date and time agreed as the machine will be booked for other patients. If any problems arise please contact the Respiratory Investigations Lab on 028 96151629, please leave a voicemail and a member of staff will contact you as soon as possible Monday – Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm.