Connected Care, Integrated Solutions.

Connectivity & Integration.

Automatic data transfer from medical devices into Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) could improve productivity and reduce the likelihood of transcription errors.1 Existing approaches for device connectivity can clutter the patient room, burden IT management, and increase the complexity and cost of care. Masimo Iris™and Root® seek to simplify connectivity across the continuum of care.

iSirona is a versatile, easy-to-use connectivity hub. Designed for use with the Masimo Hospital Automation™ platform, iSirona facilitates the physical integration of up to six medical devices at the patient bedside and enables the patient data collected from all devices to be automatically pushed to the patient electronic medical record (EMR).

The UniView system is an integrated display of real-time data and alarms that others its information from a number of Masimo and third-party devices. It helps clinicians in operating rooms, intensive care units and other areas have a central location where they can access data from a variety of medical devices that are in use.