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Norso Medical is committed to driving better patient outcomes by utilising cutting-edge technology. We specialise in the development of patient monitoring systems that provide clinicians with real-time data, allowing for informed decision-making that can ultimately improve patient care and outcomes.

Norso Medical provide a range of ultrasound solutions suitable for all levels of healthcare practice, our advanced technologies, which have earned industry recognition, are complemented by comprehensive support services that enable healthcare professionals to optimise ultrasound imaging and improve patient outcomes.

Norso Medical leverages simulation technology to deliver realistic, hands-on training to healthcare professionals. We partner with industry leaders like Monivent, Lifecast, and Gaumard to develop, to provide innovative simulation-based solutions that improve workforce training for hospitals, universities and emergency medical services.

Masimo SedLine is a brain function monitoring system that uses EEG technology to assess patient consciousness and anesthesia depth. O3, developed by Masimo, is a cerebral oxygenation monitor providing non-invasive regional oxygen saturation (rSO2) measurements to aid in patient oxygenation management during surgeries and critical care.

Norso Medical distributes Mindray’s cutting-edge ECG and defibrillation solutions. These offerings ensure precise cardiac diagnostics and life-saving interventions. Mindray’s advanced ECG technology provides accurate insights into heart health, while their defibrillation systems enable rapid response measures to restore normal heart rhythms during critical situations.

Explore Norso Medical’s Connectivity and Integration offering – a hub of healthcare solutions. Discover our expertise in hospital connectivity and integration, seamlessly bridging technologies to enhance medical systems, streamline operations, and elevate patient care.

Xavant Stimpods. Enhance patient care through advanced neuromodulation with our state-of-the-art solutions.