Mindray BeneVision CMS Central Monitoing System

A Better Vision of Care

The Mindray Central Monitoring System (CMS) is a scalable solution that stores and distributes patient data from your Electronic Patient Records (EPR) and networked medical devices to a range of display solutions, providing continuous clinical surveillance for enhanced patient safety.

The CMS Server is the backbone of our central monitoring system, providing vast, secure storage of data. Configurable as a physical or virtual server, it can be locally installed in just one department or virtually installed on existing hospital servers and scaled across a whole hospital.

Information on the CMS Server can be accessed through WorkStations, ViewStations, PC’s (CMS Viewer) and even smartphones (MobileViewer).

The CMS can display patient information from networked medical devices such as, wireless transport solutions, patient monitors, telemetry transmitters and even third-party devices connected via Mindray’s BeneLink module. Bi-directional communications with ADT and third-party EPR systems are made possible with the addition of Mindray’s eGateway integration engine.


Enhanced with a variety of clinical assistive applications, the CMS can further support caregivers in making rapid and confident clinical decisions.