Masimo LiDCO™

Haemodynamic Monitoring System

The LiDCO Haemodynamic Monitoring System provides beat-to-beat advanced haemodynamic monitoring to support informed decision-making in high-acuity care areas such as the Operating Room.

Clinical Evidence

Reductions in Postoperative Complications and Costs

In a randomised controlled trial of 743 patients undergoing major abdominal surgery, researchers found haemodynamic optimisation with LiDCO led to a 20% reduction in postoperative complications and, as a result, patients monitored with LiDCO were on average $530 less expensive to treat than control patients who were not monitored.2

Reductions in 30-Day and 180-Day Mortality

In a study comparing the outcomes of 600 emergency laparotomy patients, researchers found that, following the implementation of a program including LiDCO technology, there was a significant decrease in mortality at 30 days (from 21.8 to 15.5%) and 180 days (from 29.5 to 22.2%).3


Easy Setup and Operation

The LiDCO Monitor is designed for efficient setup and simple operation, with an intuitive, easy-to-interpret display—facilitating effective haemodynamic management even on those patients who are haemodynamically unstable and require fluid and drug support.

  • Plug and play operations using the invasive blood pressure output port on the vital signs monitor
  • Monitor using the existing blood pressure transducer, eliminating the need for an additional disposable